Critical Failure: The down side of the Wild Die is that on a roll of snake-eyes (double ones), the GM gets to make up something bad that happens as a result. 

Ranged Weapons

  • Nothing larger than pistol may be used on a close (i.e. melee) combatant. In this case attack is vs. Parry not the standard TN4.
  • Innocent Bystanders: Optional. On a (non modified) die result of 1 a ranged attack hits a random target near the target (this could be a mount, another opponent, a friendly target engaged in melee, a small child that is in the process of being arrested…). There is no “to hit” for this, it just happens at the GM’s discretion. This is done not for realism but for dramatic excitement.
  • Weapon w/Semi-Auto(SA) tag: You can Double-Tap with this weapon. Considered a single action, so roll Shoot+Wild Die w/o a multi action penalty. Uses 2 bullets, but add +1 to hit and damage vs a single target.
  • Weapon w/3-round Burst(3RB) tag: Similar to Semi-Auto, in that you can "double-tap" with it, but a 3-round burst gives user +2 to hit and damage vs a single target, and uses 3 rounds of ammunition. 
  • The Automatic Fire Maneuver: Most weapons are Auto fire capable, but can also fire single shot to avoid the recoil penalty. Available to weapons with RoF 2+. If you're firing at RoF 2+, you have a -2 penalty to all shots (aka the "recoil" penalty). This uses up RoF(squared) number of bullets. For each "RoF" roll one Shoot die, roll a single Wild Die, assign successes to targets up to the RoF.(i.e. the Wild Die can be used in place of a Shoot die, but not in addition to all the Shoot dice). 

    • Note, laser weapons have no recoil penalty even on Automatic fire 
    • Note the second, Rail Guns can /only/ fire on Full Auto. Yes, m even if you only take a single shot you still have to take the -2 penalty because it’s considered to be Automatic fire. Though their ammo is not multiplied like normal, as each “Shot” is considered to cover the auto fire burst.  
    • Note C, Automatic fire makes the Innocent Bystander effect happen on a 1 or 2

Example, a light rail gun has a RoF 4 so someone with a Shoot of d10 could elect to roll 4d10 plus a Wild die. They roll a 4, 8, 1, 16 on the Shoot dice and a 2 on the wild die, this is then modified by -2 for the auto fire resulting in a 2, 6, -1, 14 and a 0.  They would have two hits to assign (the 6 and the 14) to one or more targets but also would need to account for the other shot since they rolled 4 Shoot dice. This would end up being the 2 and the 0, which would only trigger one possible “Innocent Bystander” since only one of the ACTUAL DIE RESULTS was a 1 or 2.

Aim: A character who spends a full round aiming (no movement allowed) may add +2 to his Shooting or Throwing roll in the following round versus the target aimed at (a person, vehicle, etc.). Aiming for multiple rounds has no extra effect. You can use aim with Automatic fire but all attacks must be against the same person.

The Rapid-Attack Maneuver: (available to Melee or Ranged) Wild Cards get a single Wild Die when using this maneuver, cannot be used with any other multi-attack maneuver (double tab, sweep, frenzy, etc.). Attacks taken all at once, may be applied to multiple opponents.

  • Melee: -2 to Parry, roll up to 3 attacks as a single action. Roll 1 Fighting die per attack, each at a -4.
  • Ranged: Only semi-auto/revolver type weapons. -2 to Parry. Roll up to 6 attacks as a single action. Roll 1 Shoot die per attack, each at a -4.

Ganging Up: Each additional adjacent attacker (not including the main attacker) adds a +1 the attack roll.

Example: Marty rides his dinosaur up to attack brodkill, he would get a +1 to attack the creature as would his dinosaur. If Joe’s Cyborg were to then walk up and start swinging his vibrosword at the same brodkill, he would have a +2 as would Marty and his Dino on their next action. I then take a shot at the Brodkill with my plasma ejector, I do not get a bonus because I am using a ranged attack.

Mounted combat: Characters who wish to fight from a mount must use the lowest of their Fighting or Riding skills. (noted for Marty, who as a Simvan starts with Ride d6 but maybe wants to consider increasing that)

Defend: If a character’s only regular action is to defend, his Parry is increased by +2 until his next action. The defender may move normally while performing this maneuver, but no running or other actions are allowed.

Armor and MDC and YOU

  • Having MDC armor makes you immune to any non-heavy (MDC) weapon
  • Armor Piercing(AP) can pierce MDC armor, but only if the weapon does Mega Damage to begin with
  • Armor rating is added to toughness, but can be reduced by the AP rating of a weapon. An armor’s Toughness bonus is added to toughness as well, but IS NOT reduced by AP rating.

Examples: Person with a base Toughness of 5 is wearing NG Maverick armor which provides a +1 Toughness and +4 Armor. This works out to a Toughness total of 10. Of this 4 of that is Armor and subject to AP rating, but it would never go below 6 due to AP rating. None of this is MDC, so no special case applies.
Person with base Toughness 5 is wearing NG-EX10 “Gladius” Light Exoskeleton Battle Armor, which provides a +2 Toughness bonus as well as +7 MDC armor. This would result in a Toughness total of 14, 7 of which is Armor and subject to AP rating, but would never go below 7 due to AP rating. Since this /is/ MDC armor non-heavy weapons are totally ignored regardless of their AP rating.

Magic and Magic Adjacent Characters 

  • If you have special powers such as Spells or Psionic abilities these require checks to activate in Savage Worlds.  This check is a skill based on the type of special power. 
  • A mind-melter has “Arcane Background (Psionics)”, and as per the RAW uses a skill called (cleverly enough) Psionic that is based on Smarts.  So the Badger Bard should buy this skill to roll when he is trying to cast his Invisibility etc.  Technically, given the way his powers work I’d probably call this skill “Performance” or something, since he uses music to activate everything.
  • Simvin also start with the “Arcane Background (Psionics)”, 15 ISP, and the Beast Friend ability for free. So he should probably buy a skill for this, unless he wants to always be rolling his Vagabond d4(-1 cause this is a Smarts related roll) when he wants to make use of the Beast Friend ability. HOWEVER since he has the Beast Master edge his Dinosaur mount is a LOYAL COMPANION, so it should probably be treated as a well trained dog/horse would and also does not rely on his Beast Friend ability for this basic level of control.  I don’t think he would need to use the Beast Friend ability on it unless he was trying to get it to do something strange or against it’s nature (which might include stopping eating a Deadboy, but probably shouldn’t include not throwing him off it’s back if he is stunned or dazed or mind controlled).


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