Ron's Savage Rifts

Sunday, August 30th
Session 1

Sketchy notes, woot

Novastar and Moe travel around ~6m doing jobs delivering goods, escorting trade people, etc.  Moe uses this time to instruct Novastar on the finer points of Rifts Earth life, such as hating the Coalition States, and in all ways becoming fast and furious friends.

Remmah-orb "Rem": "Marty" simvan warrior
In west CS Missouri born and raised, in the forest is where he spent most of his days, huntn' killn' and eatn' those sentient beings and riding some dinos out by ley lines when a couple of DB's that were up to no good started maken' trouble in his woods he lost one little fight and was put ona leash as the leader said "You're going to the slave camps back east"

Arges: "Joe" Cyberwarrior
Local scout/negotiator who has turned his back on the towns who turned their backs on his consensus driven ways in order to throw in with the CS.

Escort Legion bean counter cough forgottennamenpc to Garnet-town, a mid sized (for the wastes anyway) manufacturing town that is currently being courted by the CS to rejoin without trouble as opposed to rejoining with lasers and feelings.

Arges, Moe and Novastar (and previously named NPC) meet with mayor Latari (Elf). She is nonplussed by the legion's chances of helping her, but isn't exactly thrilled with the CS and the local anti-DB sentiment… what with her being a DB and all.  

During this initial negotiation we hear that the local CS troops (numbering 10 or so and led by James Beean El Dorado? that's what have in my notes but it seems like it should be Missouri CS rep) have sent some men off in a hurry and we elect to follow and make a bother of ourselves. At this point we encounter Remmah-Orb engaged in the kidnapping of an eleven teenager (Vonn, Latari's son) who was minding his own business out here in the ravines and came across some Brodkill just lounging about minding their own business and not being suspicious at all… and neither was cloaked figure dude. 

There is fighting. Some minor demons are killed, a CS soldier may have been eaten, perhaps one taken prisoner as well.  There are signs of a camp down in the ravine, but no weird masked dude… who is probably a shifter related to the local Rift starting to be a pain in the ass. We are all confused as to why the CS soldiers are seemingly working with the weird shifter guy and his demons, as that seems totally against normal CS operations… 

Latari is happy we saved her son, is unhappy with the CS. We win! There totally won't be some more trouble with the CS troops that are camped just outside town or that Shifter and their one armed Brodkill. 


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